The WALSH Name

The name Walsh is one of the most common throughout Ireland. It is derived for the word foreigner or Welshman.

Our Walshes were an ancient family from Kilkenny, Ireland who because of their Jacobite loyalties were dispossessed of their land and fled to France.

Eliza Thomasina WALSH

Eliza, who married Henry Harrison Briscoe (snr), was the illegitimate daughter of Lt. Col. Thomas Walsh and A. E. French and was born in Jamaica. Research of Jamaican records has not yet been able to positively identify A.E. French but the most likely (of two) candidates is Ann Eloisa French. Her ancestry has been included here.

Thomas WALSH

Thomas was an officer in the Brirish army who attained the rank of Lt. Col. While serving in the West Indies he fathered Eliza Thomasina, but he died shortly afterwards at the age of 33 years.