The name BRYANT is generally considered a variation of the English surname BRYAN, derived from the Celtic given name Brian, containing a Celtic element, "bre," which means "hill."

Kent Origins

Our earliest known Bryant ancestor was William BRYANT born in Kent, England about 1798 and married Ann AUSTEN at the village of Benenden, Kent, on 5 December 1818. William migrated to Australia with Ann and their seven children on the "WESTMINSTER", which sailed from Gravesend on 25 March 1838.

Emigration from England about the time of William and Ann's departure appeared to be a reaction to the circumstances that prevailed. On his website, Bruce Fairhall provides some details of life in England (and Kent) at the time and possible reasons for emigration.

Also included on his site are details of other Austins and Bryants who emigrated to Australia from Kent in June 1838 on the "MAITLAND", also out of Gravesend.

BRYANTS in Australia